The Maya called the wild boar, javelina. According to Native teachings,the wild boar's medicine teaches us to confront human weaknesses and change them into strengths. How synchronistic
that Lannois and I should spot a javelina while driving down highway 12 in New Mexico.
The November full moon is in Taurus -( Nov. 12th in New Mexico and November 13th in New York) With Mars in Scorpio conjunct the Sun, this may be the time to start unearthing long-buried anger issues and allowing the light of the Sun to help us find the key to unraveling these. Scorpio does not receive the acclaim it deserves as a healer, especially of wounds relating to suppressed rage. The tension created by the 90° aspect can be very useful in prodding us to finally do something, and Neptune in its highest expression represents unlimited compassion and acceptance, providing balm to emotions (the Moon) and self-image (the Sun).
As if the the 2 T-squares didn't give us the heads up to dig in and confront fears here was old Javelina reminding us that there was work to do! We quick backed out of the car and there he was still standing on a little dirt road watching us. We cautiously approached and snaped a photo, he posed and let us get a good look at the totem of confrontation!
I don't think anyone can argue that we live in a time of great change and emotional upheaval. Wild boar teaches us that in confronting our fears we have the opportunity to transform them!
I realised that my message from this bristly fellow was procrastination- Wild boar brought me the message to get going
and start moving on those projects that I have been putting off-
and take advantage of this full moon to confront those things, that have been hiding in the shadows and see what kind of strength we can make out of those weaknesses